Monday, May 4, 2009

What a beautiful day in paradise. We spent the last two nights here in Marsh Harbour, Abaco Island with plans to leave for Bermuda on Wednesday.
On Saturday May 2nd we left Nassau, New Providence Island, at 5:00am the wind was at 15 knots form the east and we were able to make 6 knots for the first 7 hours. The wind began to fall off and so we turned on the diesel. Suzanne suggested we begin to fish and set out a floating lure. As we approached Little Harbour, Abaco Island, the depth went form 12,900ft to 70ft and the line began to sing. JD pulled in the second line and we landed a 51 inch Mahi-Mahi. We had no weigh scale but guess the weight at 35 pounds.
We spent a pleasant evening anchored near Little Harbour. May 3rd we traveled north to Hope Town and then elected to go on to Marsh Harbour. We needed to replace the refrigerant in the cooler as it has no pressure and is keeping things cool but not cold. Marsh Harbour has an expert who is supposed to be here tomorrow morning and make things right. Hope you enjoy the attached picture we enjoyed the steaks.


  1. Thanks for the update which we have been eagerly awaiting. The Mahi-Mahi steaks made our mouths water. I will check on the map to see where you are exactly.

    Thanks for the time you spend keeping the trip updated.

    The Davises

  2. That fish is huge! And the story is even better, nice update. Greetings from a rainy Belgium!

  3. So glad to hear you're all enjoying the deep blue sea. Brad, your vessel looks FABULOUS! No doubt you're the envy of all the other sailors. We are loving the blog page and following you on the map. It's an adventure we all can enjoy - Thanks!

  4. Way to go Big Brother! That fish is huge and I bet it tasted better than anything caught on the Saginaw Bay. All is well around here. Bridget comes home from CMU for the summer today and Eric played a good baseball game yesterday. He caught two fly balls and had two hits!