Monday, April 27, 2009

Waiting on weather in Warderick Wells, Exumas

Low and behold, it's blowing like stink AGAIN. We've been enjoying a very beautiful, protected anchorage in Warderick Wells Cay. It's pretty secluded here; no restaurants or liquor stores and we're running dry in the adult beverage department :(. The view is well worth the sacrifice, however. We are planning to shove off in the morning to head back toward Nassau to pick up JD and Lisle. From there we may stop in the Abacos before heading for Bermuda and the Azores. Once again the internet service is weak and slow, so we'll post more photos when we get closer to civilization.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exumas here we come!

After a wonderul stay on Andros we are preparing to leave this morning for the Exumas. We have met some great people on the dock (Kenny, Richard and Bill) and had the pleasure of learning to dive for, clean and prepare conch. Our diving and fishing adventures have resulted in several wonderful meals prepared dockside with our new friends. We really enjoyed their company and hope they had as much fun as we did. We were fortunate enough to have spent a week with Vicky, Alec and Lauren and will miss their company (hopefully the bug bites heal quickly).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paradise at last!

We made it to the Bahamas (Cat Cay in the Bimini's and currently in Chubb Key in the Berry Islands) safe and sound after a beautiful night sail under the most amazing full moon you could imagine. The water here is indescribably blue. We will be heading to Nassau before dawn to meet up with Vicky, Alec and Lauren and are looking forward to our first (hopefully of many) visitors. We caught a barracuda (Brad suffered a wound in the battle) and enjoyed eating a large grouper for lunch yesterday. There's something pretty cool about eating your own fresh catch while anchored off a small, secluded beautiful island. We're trying very hard to post some pictutures, but the internet down here is slow at best. Stay tuned!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bahamas Bound!

We are finally underway and headed for the Bahamas. So far it's been a beautiful sail. 15-20 knot winds with moderate seas. Both sails are reefed and we're cruising comfortably at about 6.5-7 knots. We expect to arrive in the Bimini's around 7:00 tomorrow morning.

Friday, April 3, 2009

So close, yet so far away from "paradise"!

We have been unexpectedly delayed from continuing on to the Bahamas by engine complications. Upon routinely checking the oil, we have discovered seawater in it. Not a good thing. Brad replaced the muffler, but the problem wasn't resolved. He has had to drain and flush the oil countless times to prevent salt damage. The source of contamination is a complete mystery and we can't get a diesel mechanic to come until Monday. You can imagine the frustration involved with this dilemma. In the meantime, we are working very hard at "keeping our chins up" and making the best of the situation. The wind is howling again today, but is expected to die off tomorrow.