Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exumas here we come!

After a wonderul stay on Andros we are preparing to leave this morning for the Exumas. We have met some great people on the dock (Kenny, Richard and Bill) and had the pleasure of learning to dive for, clean and prepare conch. Our diving and fishing adventures have resulted in several wonderful meals prepared dockside with our new friends. We really enjoyed their company and hope they had as much fun as we did. We were fortunate enough to have spent a week with Vicky, Alec and Lauren and will miss their company (hopefully the bug bites heal quickly).


  1. Mmmmmmm! Good! The meals sound tasty. Bon voyage!. Enjoying the blog. Thanks for taking the time to post the new info.

    Ronald Daviis

  2. Pictures look great.... Would be fun to be on my boat right now, instead of looking at it in the parking lot waiting to be put in the water!

  3. remembering the great meals you used to cook on land, I can imagine the tasty fresh catches.

    Good to read you really enjoy the trip and had the opportunity to meet the family.

    It took a while, but things seem to go really good now. I enjoy every info you guys post.


  4. okokokokookook, i am your newest traveler, lets catch some fish

  5. what the hell is going on in that boat, put some sails up and floor it, you two are napping way to much