Monday, May 23, 2011

Mike and I have left the village of Simi after some days. We have moved to the lower end of the island to the Monastery at Panormittis. There are only 3 boats in the bay currently when I have seen as many as 45.
The lone monk came out in a small rowing boat to sell us bread he bakes daily. With time and not any boats he stays and talks. I am drinking red wine and invite him on board and he accepts.
After 2 bottles he says to come in the morning to the monastery and he has something to show us. We arrive and he takes us through some doors and then to the lower levels in like catacombs. Walking along we get to an area where there is stored hundreds of bottles of wine dating back to when the Germans occupied the island and brought their wines from France and Spain. There were bottles that they had made through the years. He gave us a bottle of his wine from 1996 that we will drink on a special occasion.
Pretty cool over all.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Greece, Simi May 16, 2011

We are now in Greece. Simi is a town where the sponges where harvested years ago but we think they get them from China now becuase it is more cost effective. The boxes are behind the buildings where we are at.
Being at the quay for 3 days you begin to see how things work in the village. Ihave added some pictures of this town.

The weather is finally getting warm and the sun is out.
Usually the rain in now gone until Sept. I have been doing some trading for new clothes for me. Vicky will be so proud of me. Nothing is broke on the boat right now so that is a nice feeling.

We were in some bays before arriving here that where so removed they were driving uncle Mike to the edge. A little bit of that is good but not too much.
Maybe moving tomorrow if the weather is good to look at a momestary where there are still monks that sell bread to the boaters in their bay.


Turkey May 12, 2011

The Evergreen is now located at a small harbor, Keci Buku, in Turkey. The wind to the west 20 miles has been blowing at 25 to 30 knots for about 5 days. The wind here is low and we are down in the bay so it has been fine. The weather has been cold during the nights and cool during the days.

We will be moving to a new anchorage today and most likely be in Simi, Greece by next week. Since it has been cold we are not venturing out much because when there is no sun and cold you lose interest in the surroundings.

The boat is in great shape do to Mike helping out on all the surfaces exterior, refinishing the interior floor and refinishing all the teak on the outside.

Here at Ersoy restaurant, the people are so nice and helpful you can hardly stand the kindness. Rorger, Gill and Doug from the motor yacht RIOCCA recommended it and are here with us now. We have enjoyed there company.

Some pictures are attached.