Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aaar mates.We are in one in the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We left Kos yesterday at 11 am and sailed until 4, motored for 2 hours until we came upon this most pristine place. I cant pronounce it or even try to spell it. Anchored out and will go to the village tomorrow. I went for my first swim in the med, I feel like a little boy again! The water is still cold. Check out pictures of this place, stunning!
Kayla I’m dying to hear from you. The internet is very iffy here in Greece, sometimes good, a lot of times not . A lot of salt. Pirate Mike saying aaar mates and have a good day! Lots of goats, chickens and stuff like that, more so in Turkey but still a bunch of animals that just walk the hillside here in Greece. The med was as flat as my stomach. We anchored at Lakki, island of Leros, a place where at one time they kept all the insane Greeks.
Brad and I cant agree on who should stay, I think he would fit right in, he disagrees and thinks it should be renamed “Pirate Mike Isle”
We both got Speedos and were arrested the minute we got off the dinghy for indecent exposure. We had to go before the judge and they agreed that he should pay the fine because he actually looked worse than me. We had a school of dolphins jump over the bow of the boat the other day, only in the Med!