Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi all,

We have been in Croatia for 4 weeks now. Rik and Dinska met us in Zadar and we had some good sailing with the spinnaker on 2 days. the weather was good with lots of sun. It was good to see them. We went north from Zadar and ther were not many sailing boats in the area. the water is clear clear when the wind is not blowing.

We picked JM down from Zadar in a bay wherewe were anchored. He just left an hour ago.

We went to a national park and spent a couple of days that was quite nice. we then wnt to Sali for a friday night and met the Bora wind. The Bora comes down from the mountains at 40 to 50 knots. We were stuck in Sali for 4 days. Small town, good bar, good resturants but after 4 days it was enough. the weather broke ans we had a run down 55 miles to the south at an average.f 7.4 kts. under a double reef main ans 30% jib.

Next day we ran spinnaker in 20 knots, low seas with an average of 7.8 knots, clear, warm, sunny, the days you look for.

We went to the Split area for 2 days were we meet Clive that we had met in Italy 3 weeks earily.

He was the Captain of a 77ft. sailing boat.

Moving from Split to Dubrovnik was another day of spinnaker for the entire way with 16 kts. and sun with low seas.

Dubrovnik is were we met up with Sam and Cindy that were in Malta. It was very nice to see them They were a bit jealoys when they saw all the good times in Malta because they left early.

Sam grew up here so he is a health of information.

Ian and i are moving to Corfu in the next days and on to Greece to meet Ian's friends on July14th.

Jm has been a good mate on the boat. He has caught up on his sleep, and he can sleep if he has the time. We have seen some great places. Never thought we would be in this part of the world. Hope all is well with everyone following. Make sure you follow us on the Spot.