Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Girls

Ian had a couple friends from home, Andrea Beldyga and Sydney Ball, come to visit for a couple weeks. During their visit they enjoyed themselves to the fullest. They were able to see a live performance by Fatboy Slim, a popular DJ throughout Europe as well as the United States. The following night the three of them went to a beach club until 8:00 in the morning. Once everyone returned to the boat and went to sleep, Brad and Suzanne began moving towards Spain. We set anchor outside a small island fishing village for the night.
The following morning we pulled anchor and made it to Spain in the early afternoon. We pulled into port for the next couple days. Ian, Sydney, and Andrea managed somehow to hitch hike back to Portugal to see their friends from Club NAU one last time.
The next pint of anchor was something else to take in. We were entertained with a parade of fishing boats and fireworks. The fireworks were launched from less than 100 yards from the boat.


We are sorry for the delay on keeping everyone up to date on our travels.

We spent a few weeks anchored along the beachfront in Portimao, Portugal. During the time we found a nice location to relax along the beach, (Club NAU). It was more like a house without any walls, a beautiful view of the beach, and furniture made of pillows. There we met people from all around the world, whom we are trying to keep in touch with for possible future travels. The crew was also invited to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Club NAU. The party included entertainment such a complete Jazz band as well as an electric violinist playing along side of a DJ. We all enjoyed ourselves that night, some may even say we had too much fun.