Monday, May 23, 2011

Mike and I have left the village of Simi after some days. We have moved to the lower end of the island to the Monastery at Panormittis. There are only 3 boats in the bay currently when I have seen as many as 45.
The lone monk came out in a small rowing boat to sell us bread he bakes daily. With time and not any boats he stays and talks. I am drinking red wine and invite him on board and he accepts.
After 2 bottles he says to come in the morning to the monastery and he has something to show us. We arrive and he takes us through some doors and then to the lower levels in like catacombs. Walking along we get to an area where there is stored hundreds of bottles of wine dating back to when the Germans occupied the island and brought their wines from France and Spain. There were bottles that they had made through the years. He gave us a bottle of his wine from 1996 that we will drink on a special occasion.
Pretty cool over all.

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  1. Great to be back "sailing" with you guys. Thanks for the blog updates. Will be following you as you continue your adventure.