Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paradise at last!

We made it to the Bahamas (Cat Cay in the Bimini's and currently in Chubb Key in the Berry Islands) safe and sound after a beautiful night sail under the most amazing full moon you could imagine. The water here is indescribably blue. We will be heading to Nassau before dawn to meet up with Vicky, Alec and Lauren and are looking forward to our first (hopefully of many) visitors. We caught a barracuda (Brad suffered a wound in the battle) and enjoyed eating a large grouper for lunch yesterday. There's something pretty cool about eating your own fresh catch while anchored off a small, secluded beautiful island. We're trying very hard to post some pictutures, but the internet down here is slow at best. Stay tuned!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good trip and nothing like fresh grouper.


  2. Appreciate the changing pictures to give us more visual info of your sailing and docking experiences. I enjoy the sailing experience, too, as I used to sail on Lake Huron with a friend from Owosso. He had a great sailboat....36 footer. In fact, it was on his sailboat that I realized that I was about to have a heart attack in the year 2000. I was blessed to be in a marina in Bay City and had not set sail on Lake Huron. Was able to get to Bay Medical in time before the big one hit me in ER. Morbid story but I still do love sailing but haven't had the opportunity since that summer.

    Keep posting when you can get a connection. I'm enjoying this. Say hello to Alec and tell him "to watch" his mouth. No fists fights until its healed.