Monday, April 27, 2009

Waiting on weather in Warderick Wells, Exumas

Low and behold, it's blowing like stink AGAIN. We've been enjoying a very beautiful, protected anchorage in Warderick Wells Cay. It's pretty secluded here; no restaurants or liquor stores and we're running dry in the adult beverage department :(. The view is well worth the sacrifice, however. We are planning to shove off in the morning to head back toward Nassau to pick up JD and Lisle. From there we may stop in the Abacos before heading for Bermuda and the Azores. Once again the internet service is weak and slow, so we'll post more photos when we get closer to civilization.


  1. I saw Alec on Saturday and he really enjoyed his time with all of you. Have you ever read the book entitled "Survive the Savage Sea?" I heard it on radio reader (WKAR) back in '73. Check it might find it interesting.


  2. Glad to see your are going to head for Bermuda.
    There is a bar in Hamilton across the street from the Royal Bermuda YC that is famous for it's Dark & stormys and their Fish stew. The resturant is on the second floor.