Friday, April 10, 2009

Bahamas Bound!

We are finally underway and headed for the Bahamas. So far it's been a beautiful sail. 15-20 knot winds with moderate seas. Both sails are reefed and we're cruising comfortably at about 6.5-7 knots. We expect to arrive in the Bimini's around 7:00 tomorrow morning.


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you are finally on your way. Alec updated me last week regarding the delay. Now, I can follow this for myself. I think he joins everyone this next week.

    Ronald Davis

  2. Dear Brad, Ian and Suzanne:

    it was short but sweet meeting you at the bar in Chub Cay (funny how people usually meet at bars...) and watching your Evergreen sway like a singer in a gospel choir :-)
    I would have joined you for dinner but I have an early start tomorrow and don't trust that I will be fresh enough to work at 100 percent, haha!

    I will email picture to your email address: please have a safe trip and hope to see you on the other side of the world, for the BBQ in my folks backyard!

    Take care, Debby (MY ARGYLL)

  3. So glad to read that you finally left the keys and are heading for the Bahama's.

    Enjoy the sail and let the real adventure take a start.

    Always watching you guys