Monday, May 18, 2009

Bermuda Departure

The crew enjoyed a final meal, on land, and are preparing for our ocean crossing. The GPS indicates 1,793 nautical miles to the harbour entrance for Horta on Maial Island in the Azore Islands of Portugal. The winds are currently northeast and our direction is east northeast.
We have decided to conduct a contest among our followers. If you list yourself as a follower and log in to the comments section.
You should list your first and last name as well as your home address. You may guess the estimated time of arrival at our waypoint. We will publish the finish time and date. We will list the winner and the crew will award a prize. Anyone can get involved. You have until Midnight May 22nd eastern daylight time. The entry should be in the comments section of this blog posting. We hope you can follow along and be the prize winner. The prize will be announced after our arrival.
It is currently 1pm, eastern daylight time and we anticipate leaving harbour within the next 2 hours. You can follow us on SPOT in the track us section. We purchased new batteries for the SPOT just in case. We must complete final loading and clear customs for departure.
A clue for you. We left our slip in Conch Inn Harbour at 11:30am Wednesday for the 738 nautical mile trip to the Bermuda waypoint. We arrived at 5:30pm Monday.
Good luck from the crew and best wishes to all


  1. I guess this is it!!! The big trip.

    Good to see that you guys got company from Lysle and John. 2 experienced sailers extra probably helps crossing the big water.

    I'm sorry to read the wind is North East, this promises hard labour and makes it a lot more difficult to guess the right arrival timE;

    Very good move, thiscompetition...

    Goodluck to you all


  2. My guess for your arrival is: Sunday, June 7th at 10:30pm. There is a full moon that night and hopefully you will make it into port before "Last Call" at the local watering spot.
    Colleen Klass
    961 S. Linwood Beach
    Linwood, MI 48634

  3. hmmm im gonna guess June 8th around 3 pm (happy hour time) Good luck!!!!!

  4. June 6th 8:00 p.m.

    Brad Brunet
    1737 Chapel ST SW
    Wyoming, MI 49519

  5. My estimate is an arrival time of May 31 at 8pm.
    Hope you have a great sail even tho it appears you have head wind for a while.
    Take Care

  6. My estimated time for you to arrive in port is May 31 @ 8:31pm according to all the data you gave us this should be close.Hope you have a SAFE TRIP Stay focused.

    Mike Crankshaw
    207 Marion St.
    Henderson, MI. 48841

  7. my guess is monday, June 1st at 11am


  8. Ok, I guess at June 3rd at 9:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time. But keep the biker away from the wheel! good luck!
    Bob Gould
    1888 Ketegawn Rd.
    Owosso, Mi. 48867

  9. Prize?? Prize?? As long as I do not have to get on the boat I will enter. Dr. Gruber says "Hi" to Suzanne. We talked about her. My guess is May 31, 2009 at 0730. Supposed to blow today at 25 here--1st Wed night race. Don't let Dewyse out of sight--he goes crazy on long voyages. Tell him John is at Ft. Leonard Wood.
    Bill Darbee

  10. Bill Darbee
    510 N Johnson
    Bay City, MI 48708-6727
    Guess: May 31, 2009 at 0730

  11. Good Luck June 1 12 noon Frank Tompa 9467 burning tree dr. Saginaw, Mi. 48609

  12. Jim Farr
    34232 Greentrees
    Sterling Heights, MI 48312
    June 9, at 6:00 p.m.

    Brad & Ian, I have been watching your progress and am JEALOUS. I hope you are having a great time.

  13. Adress:
    104 W Summit St
    Durand, Mi 48429

  14. You have a nasty headwind, meaning a lot of tacking while it lasts, but you'll have the Gulf Stream going for you-- based upon this, I predict your arrival on June 2nd at 6:49PM, Azores time! God speed and all luck to you! Bob Conrad 816 E. Main St., Owosso

  15. G3255 Beecher Rd Suite 500
    Flint, MI 48532

    Hope everyone is having a great trip! we are watching your progress and sharing with all our clients. So far all is well back at the old homefront.
    the office projects your arrival date and time as follows:
    Sheila Rutter Wed June 3, 2009 at 11:00pm

  16. John Cronk
    I guess May 31, 11 P.M.
    Thanks J.D. for all the work u left us.
    From: The left behinds of rush

  17. Chris Jacobson
    West Palm Beach, Florida

    Uncle Brad you guys rock.... and gal.. Sail faster or you will there.... Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 4:23:44 AM .. lol love the pictures and updates hope i will have time to post more comments.

  18. My guess is 7:00am June 4th.

    Danielle Evans
    3451 Autumnwood Dr
    Hamilton, MI 49419

    Have fun everyone!! Looking forward to hearing all of the stories when you return, dad (J.D.) I hope you are taking lots of pictures.

  19. Hi Gang! Just got turned on to your blog tonight at BCYC. GREAT first night of racing...80 degrees and 20+ knots of breeze plus a Jester first place! My guess for arrival is June 3rd at 1800 island time!! When you get a chance check out the blog from our recent BVI trip at . Safe journey and fair winds to you!!

    John Johnson
    414 Gies St.
    Bay City, MI 48706

  20. Land Ho on June 5th @ 1818 GMT. However long it takes, have a great voyage and stay safe.

    Bill Collin
    2978 Locust Lane
    Midland, MI 48642

  21. Ok, I know I'm a bit too late, but still want to make the gues.
    5th of June at 4PM local time.

  22. ocanonac

    Linda Sell 218 West Main Tipp City, OHio
    Al and I posted a guess last night but I don't see it on here. anyway, we guessed 20 days 14 hours and 10 minutes. Sooo from last night at about 9:15 pm... That would be a June 9th arrival

  23. Arrival in Horta
    June 8th, 1400
    That is Faial, Azores.
    Be sure to go Cafe' Peter Sport.
    Bill Bauer
    88 Salzburg Rd
    Bay City, Mi

  24. Dad

    We all miss you, the kids would like to send you this message.

    Hi Grandpa! We miss you, I just caught a seven inch bass from your dock. I got a T-Shirt for the longest hit at the baseball fun day!!! The Mahi-mahi looked good very good, I wish I could have been there to catch it with you.

    Hello Grandpa, I miss you! We just checked your location on the Map. I hope you have fun. We are visiting with Grandma as much as we can. I really enjoyed my play, we did three productions, it was really fun.

    We love you!

  25. Evergreen catain and crew,

    on the tracking I can see that you reached the destination.
    Congratulations to everyone. Looking forward to reading your stories.
    Enjoy the Azores


  26. Concratulations! I hope you can all enjoy a good meal and drink after such a long trip. Relax for some time and give us a good story.

  27. Congratulations all you Salty Dogs! Did you run out of beer before landfall?