Friday, May 15, 2009

Bermuda day 4

Well today was payoff for the time of arrival. The picture was taken by our waiter after dinner. The shirt, as you can see, is being worn proudly.******Ian had a great first night in port. He found someone his age and they went to the opposite end of the island for a party with employees of the cruise ships. He returned at 4:30 in the morning full of excitement about the nights events. He is much younger than the rest of the crew and manages well with all the older folks. He is agile and handles sail changes and the spinnaker very well. It is clear that he loves sailing and the adventure of going across the Atlantic. He told me about a sail change he was making when a wave took the boat from behind and the bow dropped 8 feet. He was suspended in the air momentarily then dropped to the deck. He landed on his feet and continued working however it was a heart in your throat experience. This happened on the trip down from Pensacola.*****We look forward to our departure next week, but the island is beautiful and worthy of the time to see it.***Ian and I visited some caves. The picture does not do it justice. Every where you go the ocean views are spectacular.***The roads are paved and the streets are clean. It is a very beautiful place with a great deal of history. Best wishes to you all

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