Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bermuda Day 5

Once again we wake to clear skies and warm weather. The Island is surrounded by reefs that have taken many ships to their graves. The British heavily defended these Islands from the Americans,Spanish and Portuguese. The were used to assisted the south with a naval blockade during the civil war. The US aided their defense during the first and second world wars. Coal was shipped here to supply the British Navy as well as food and armaments. Not log ago a building destroyed by a hurricane was cleared away and coal from that civil war era was unearthed. There are several forts with cannon saved as historic sites throughout the island.***Local residents have gardens and grow vegetables and fruits for local consumption.***The Island is described by the museum director as a glorified sand dune. The limestone rock (calcium carbonate) and sandstone predominate.*** John DeWyse and Suzanne celebrated with the locals our second day here and now everywhere we go people call to them and ask how they are doing. They apparently celebrated long and hard at three different locations. John has been strangely quiet the last couple days.***The winds continue form the Northeast a most unusual and unfavorable situation.***There are over 30 boats waiting to travel from here to the Azores. The group is called ARC for Atlantic Rally Cruisers. They will leave Bermuda on Wednesday. Brad has decided we will leave with this group. We will be in communication with them as we cross. So Evergreen will have quite a bit of company.

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