Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It has been a great day for warm weather and clear skies. The wind is steady from the southeast and that bodes well for our start tomorrow. Postings to this blog can only be done when we have a good internet connection. The spot device is turned on when we start moving and turned off when we stop. It is not however an internet connection. **** We are here for the third night tonight with Bermuda in our sites 7 to 10 days away. Ian and Suzanne went scuba diving on Monday with captain Keith scuba dive master. Keith grew up in Toronto and moved to Marsh Harbour, Abaco Island at the age of 17. He informed his divers that Abaco Island Reef was one of the most beautiful in the world with caves and fish of many sorts. Ian had such a good time that he signed on for a second dive today. We were lucky enough to locate Mr Burroughs who as a skilled technician made the repairs and allowed us to look forward to cold food. JD spent the day riding around the island on a rented bike while Brad and Lisle worked under the noonday sun. Suzanne and Lisle had a wonderful time shopping at the grocery to provide some since of quality in our food selection. We invited Captain Keith for dinner last night and he enjoyed the Mahi-Mahi salad. Her pronounced it excellent. We are staying at the Conch Inn and Marina where both Sun Sail and Moorings have rental desks. Hope these pictures let you know things are going well. We had the boat pumped dry and filled the water tanks. The cubbyholes are full of food and we have just enough room to get around. The weather looks promising so we wish you all well and look forward to contacts again in a few days.


  1. A nice summary of the day with the adventures in scuba diving, shopping, exploring and preparing. The pictures are always and added delight.

    Thanks as always...


  2. nice fish, have fun on your way to bermuda, sunday forecast is low of 30 high 51

  3. That is a much bigger fish then we ever caught up in Canada fishing... I'm sure it tasted great. Can't getting any fresher then that.. I love the updates.. Enjoy the next sail. My boat is going in the water on Saturday and can't wait!!!

  4. What a catch!!! I can imagine the tasty stakes and salads.

    Good to see that you have a save and wonderful time. We follow the blog every two days and are always interested in the fantastic stories.

    Good luck from Belgium.


  5. Hey family!!! Looks like things are going good. Miss you all!!! CALL ME SOMETIME!!!