Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bermuda May 13 day 3

Hello to all
We all rented mopeds to travel this British colony. The colony of Bermuda was established in 1609 and is thus over 400 years old. It is about 30 miles long with St George at the east end and the Royal Navy dock yard near the town of Somerset at the west end. In between is the largest city Hampton. Cruise ships dock at all three ports. One of the pictures with the mopeds was taken at the fort by the Royal Navy dock yard. One of the pictures show part of the crew looking at the Hampton Harbour. The third picture is of some of the homes on the island. The homes are brightly colored it was traditional to paint them with whale blood and red clay but today they use all the colors of the rainbow. The roofs are made of limestone and slate. They are painted white and all the rainwater runs to catch basins and cisterns in the homes. There are no potable wells or natural springs on the island. Rainwater is the principal source of drinking water for each home. The entire island is clean and well maintained. It is a stark contrast to the Bahamas. ****** Winds are still blowing from the east at 15+ thus holding off a bit is still a good idea.*****Both in the Bahamas and on Bermuda the money is equivalent to the US dollar. It is an even exchange.***Best wishes to our followers.

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