Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bermuda day 7

The decision has been made. We leave tomorrow Monday May 18 for the Azores. We expect the trip of 1750 nautical miles to require 18 to 24 days. You will be able to watch our progress. We are excited about the next step. A very big step for us all. Young Ian turned 27 at midnight last night he is on the moped in Hamilton with Rose a Young lady form a nearby sailboat.*****I promised pictures of St George and these simply do not do it justice.***We all enjoy having John along. His experience and agility make him a valuable asset for the trip. His even disposition, joyful mood and willingness to do whatever is asked of him are respected by us all. He surprised Ian when during his down time a sail change was made. Johm popped up and began the work before Ian had walked to the bow. John enjoys telling us stories about his service in Vietnam and his sailing adventures on the great lakes.*******Tomorrow will be cast off day and although we have no planned departure time there are always a number of projects to be completed. Our course is about 60degrees on the compass but with winds coming from 20 to 40 degrees we will begin with a beat or windward path.****Best wishes to all The Crew of Evergreen:
Captain Brad Faber
Crewmen Ian Faber , John DeWyse, Suzanne Bickel, And Lisle Conly
Best wishes to you all


  1. Thanks for all the recent very detailed updates. How do we follow your voyage. I discovered once on this site a map that updated where you are but I can't seem to find that map.

    If there is time to let me know how to follow you, I would enjoy following the trip to the Azores.

    Ronald Davis

  2. Have a good time crossing the Atlantic! (and happy birthday Ian)

    @Ronald, you can click on the "Track Us" link at your upperleft.

  3. Thanks! It was right under my nose.


  4. Best wishes to all of you. We will follow your journey and look forward to all of the stories when you get back to the USA. I don't think John ever kissed the Blarney Stone, but, he does have the 'Gift of the Gab!' Have fun and be safe.
    Love from Home.

  5. Good luck guys. I've been checking in every day and watching your adventure has been great. I still have Brad's last nickle taped to my office wall! Fair winds and following seas.
    Best wishes from the Bean Counter.