Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bermuda Day 2

We woke to the sound of rain as the low pressure system is having its effects on Bermuda weather. We are on hold for the Azores trip until this low moves off a bit. One of the pleasant surprises on our Bahama to Bermuda trip were the evening meals prepared by Suzanne. She takes pride in her preparations and seasonings. The conditions for the meal preparation are less than ideal. You look at a tall pot on the stove and see it tilted in at 25 to 35 degrees and automatically reach out to stop it from falling however it is level the boat is heeling but your eyes deceive you. Suzanne would slide across the deck holding 3 things at once and manage to season and prepare excellent meals. Chicken, pasta, rice, beans and hearty meals for all with bread and vegetables hot off the stove. She does this while holding her required helm duties. Brad makes omelets that make a hearty breakfast and sandwiches, cheese and various foodstuffs are available thought the day. Today's picture is simply a view of what we saw for the last few days.

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