Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bermuda Day 6

At last the wind shows signs of moving to the north. It appears the low is beginning to move. If it moves enough we will likely leave port on Monday. Time will tell.***Ian and Suzanne went diving off one of the Bermuda Reefs to a shipwreck. The wind however caused the wave action to stir the silt and sand limiting visibility. They enjoyed themselves but did not see as much as they had hoped. The local yacht club invited us to join them this evening for a grilled fresh fish dinner with dance and live music to follow. It begins at 6:30pm western Atlantic time or 5:30 eastern daylight savings time. We were told the fish is excellent and well worth the admission.***We are all anxious to leave for Horta soon and hope the weather will cooperate.***The picture is of St George Harbour from the south. Evergreen is parked against the sea wall to the left most side of the picture. It may require a maginifying glass. Hope you can pick us out.***Brad has been very diligent about keeping the boat in top condition with careful checks of the equipment on a regular basis. He truly enjoys sailing and wants us all to enjoy the trip and return safely. We have 4 EPIRB's aboard that send emergency radio signals, Single Side Band Radio and VHF Marine radio's as well as a 10 man life raft. Brad added both an electric and manual water maker as well as sufficient stores to carry us for a few days. He has both paper and electronic charts of the Islands of the Azores and its harbors. He has planned long and well for this trip.*** We have filled the water tanks with over 160 gallons and are carrying 80 gallons of fuel. We hope to make it to Horta within 18 to 21 days of departure.***Tomorrow I will send pictures of the town square in St George the former capital of Bermuda.***Best wishes to all from the Evergreen crew.


  1. Are you guys heading for the Gulf Stream and follow that across? The group waiting to sail sounds like the group Dr. Hugh Sulfridge sailed with many years back. He was from Saginaw and had a 32'.

    Hi to all and especially Suzanne.


  2. So, how many nautical miles on the next leg? Sounds like things are going great with the exception of a few snafus. The SPOT system is fantastic, btw. Hope the fishing stays hot.