Sunday, July 5, 2009

Evergreen has completed the transatlantic crossing and is resting comfortably in Lagos, Portugal

Brad and the crew,

Thanks for having me. It is something special you have going on. 3 very different characters on a 42ft boat that have tons of hospitality for everyone joining. There hasn't been a moment that we didn't feel at home.

This week has been tremendous. Nobody would have thought a crossing could be this easy going:

- Patrick blended in as if he has always been around.

- The wind has been so favourable to us that we only needed to jibe 2 times in a whole week
- We were able to keep the speed up and had record breaking days

- Waves have taken us all the way

- The fresh catches were a blessing and Suzanne made wonderful meals of them

It is hard to believe we caught two fresh tuna at the same time; half an hour later we had Sushi on our plate!!!

We saw Orca whales swim under the boat

Dolphins were a daily treat

The Evergreen has shown that she is more than a sea worthy ship; a warm welcome home and a fun place to be at.

I'll be watching you on this trip and am glad I could be a part of it. I hope to get back soon.



  1. Good News that you have completed this part of the journey. The fresh catch of tuna was mouth-watering. Continue to follow your trip with anticipation.

  2. It's exciting to read about your great adventure! So glad you are all well and happy. Linda Robertson Lowman

  3. Rob Johnson (s/v Danny’s Fault) here, the Corunna teacher and the North Channel Sailor. Congrats on you crossing. You have taken on a bigger adventure than us. We moved DF down the river system last fall to Mobile then right on to south of New Orleans. We moved ourselves up to Wasilla, Alaska. Dan Webster and Mary Spencer, formerly of Owosso, (s/v Life’s Dream and s/v Still Dreaming) are in Turkey preparing to head east to Malaysia. Fair winds. Rob