Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evergreen is bound for the mainland!

We are making final preparations for the last leg of our transatlantic crossing and plan to leave this afternoon.

Brad's last bag arrived today after being lost somewhere along the way. The crew is complete (Rik arrived with Brad and Ian picked up Patrick, a "local American"); the boat is ready.

Ian had a fantastic week running with the bulls, meanwhile he got good at it, and hanging out with his new friends from the military base. We all got a taste of it yesterday and very much appreciated it. Thank you, Julie, for having us around. Omar, from Texas, took some fantastic photos of Ian "teasing" the bulls.


  1. Ian, you wildman! I'm glade to see you are having a blast. Just think of all the stuff that you would never be able to do here. I'm sure Brad is excited to get moving again and see what memories are still in the future ports. Good luck to all and we really look forward to your postings. Live the dream.

  2. Ian... Dude I miss u already. I posted that video I made. Check it out...

  3. Looking forward to more postings as you continue "our" adventure.

  4. Ola Evergreen Crew!
    Hope you all are doing well. And hope Patrick hasn't had to use his glove!! Julie and I watched you sail away and got some good pictures. Safe travels & sweet dreams. Give Patrick a smooch for me and tell him I miss him terribly.
    XO~ Jill

  5. I miss you IAN!!!!! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself while you were here. Even if the festival wasn't going on we still would have made sure you had a good time. I miss the laughs. Im posting the bullfight video on MySpace now. It was a pleasure to meet you, Brad, Susanne, and Rick.
    Love and Hugs...