Monday, March 16, 2009

OK all you voyeurs out there, we want photos of those of you who were polite enough to sign in, but for the rest of you who are following us and complaining about the lack of info, we are checking in on you as often as you are checking in on us, so put a face to the name and log-in and for God's sake leave us some comments. Our diving classes start tomorrow and Brad just cannot wait for his first 100 ft. dive (lol). The instructor told him his mustache may make his mask leak so he's not very happy. We will add more photos of our dive training tomorrow night.


  1. Good to read you have good weather.
    Someting to dream of here in Belgium.

    Have fun diving Brad. I hope you don't meet big moustached mammals ... They might be frightened.

    We take the family to EuroDisney during the weekend. Hope that will work out fine

    Have a nice spring break.


  2. Ian, pictures are totally awsome keep up the info and pics.Seen your Dad last week (Tooling) he looked really good. It was really nice to see him before his BIG venture that he's been planning all these years. It's about time him relaxed and do something he enjoys and loves.Sail safe and dont have to much fun.LOL remember when there is a full moon remember that i'm following your ass and think of the DAWG ( and bark at the moon )