Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hangin out in Boot Key Harbor watching dolphins swim by

We moved the boat to Marathon with Grandpa Harry as honorary crew on Monday the 9th. The wind was dead on the nose as usual, but a good time was had by all regardless. The weather is finally warm and sunny! We haven't seen rain in weeks so the salt is really starting to build up. Ian and Suzanne toured the Keys on a Harley and had a blast! The spring breakers are starting to arrive, so the average age is getting lower each day. In one bar in Key West we were the oldest customers and the same day in another bar in Marathon we were the youngest by at least two decades. We are now focusing on preparing the boat for international travel. Once we leave here we plan to head north toward Miami and then to the Bahamas.

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  1. We played golf yesterday for the first time this year in Bay City, we hit 60 degrees, that's what we call a heat wave. Sound like your having fun Susan. Jimmy.