Saturday, July 10, 2010

We have landed in Levkas after going through a canal and a swing bridge. We are anchored in the harbor where it is cool because of the wind. The town is hot hot.
We should stay a few days here before moving to the south. If you just come and go you never get a feel for the place.
On our way here we stopped at a harbor, Lakka, where we passed some people we met in malta while anchoring. Reinhold, Deborah and their friend Ray. It is always good to see people you have met.

We went to dinner a couple of nights to their favorite place. They have been coming for 3 or 4 years. By going to the same place you get special local drinks and desserts. The people are so friendly and helpful if you need to find something.

We then moved to Gaios town and parked at the key. I went to a local place where they press olives. I got a liter of olive oil right from the barrel of the first pressing. Rumor has it, that Harrods comes here to label their olive oil.

We will be moving to Sivota harbor in the next days. The water there is supposed to be so clear. The water here is at 85F. It is almost warm enough for me.

Check in a few days as we move to the port where we will pick up guests. We will put on the spot.


  1. Glad to hear of your stops and the next ones coming up.

    Ronald and Glenda Davis

  2. I would love to hook up with you guys for a week... Where would be the best place anytime in August? my email is