Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Boats Floating

We are in the water finally.

The water line has been changed to accommodate the extra weight we have in the aft.

The spots from the salt water have been touched up on the mast and spreaders. Allis repainted.

We think we may stay here another couple weeks. People say the wind in Tunisia is up and the sand and dirt is carried on to the boats and it gets into everything. So we think we will pass this time.

The ports on the east coast of Sicily are also good so we will move that way as soon as we get ready to leave. The weather is warm now and the sun is hot and we are in a beautiful port so what the hurry is.

We now know the market is for good buys on fish and fresh food. There are some other things to do here but we just haven’t had any time making sure everything is ready for the launch.

We have met some good people here which always make it more interesting and you get good information.

The Pope was here Sunday; we were in the area and saw the crowds’ downtown but not the Pope up close.

Once we get I the water we will activate the spot and in the next few days we will need to do a shake down sail off the coast before we head out.

Keep in touch.

Brad and Ian


  1. hey,glad you can follow your instincts. that's the way to go! no need to rush. i have not yet booked my trip. still planning on being on Evergreen for the latter half of June. will talk to John Lowman and plan our trip. Just got back from St.Maarten after a week on the island with the Maurer's. will keep a watch on you!! jmv

  2. Thanks for the updates. I enjoy keeping up with the trip.

    Ronald Davis