Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boat Preparation

Well we are almost ready to add the paint to the hull of the boat after 2 days of hell. We all agree that having to sand the hull of a 42' boat wasn't any fun although we seemed to make a good time of it. Today we were able to put the so called "small generator" in the boat. After hauling the 260# generator from the ground to the top of the boat and placing it into a hole the size of a hope chest with no less than 1mm of excess space, we were somewhat exhausted. Now we are enjoying a salmon dinner cooked with the newly installed grill followed by a few toddies (alcoholic beverages). We have also added a link to track us. If you check it out it say's we are still in Mobile Alabama, and will probably will be for a while.


  1. Brad and Ian,

    Wow! What a great site, especially the tracker. It'll be great to drop in on your World Trip. Keep the pics photos coming.

  2. Oh, how I remember my days of bottom sanding and painting - I don't envy you that job - but, it look's like you've got the worst of it done. We're looking forward to following your adventure - great site and tracker. We had a great dinner with Vicky, the Bruckman's, Bannon's and Talbot's. We missed your stinky bare feet though!
    You are all in our thoughts and in my prayers. Toodles for now!